Investment Portfolio Management

Your investment strategy is the ‘engine’ that gets your Financial Plan to your destination.

During the financial planning process we not only identify how much risk you are comfortable taking, but also how much risk you need to take in order to achieve your goals. This allows us to build an investment strategy that is designed to deliver the return you need without taking unnecessary risk.

We believe in providing an institutional quality approach to investing that takes away the reliance on predictions and luck. Instead, we provide a robust intellectual framework based on sound academic, Nobel Prize winning theory and empirical data in which to make investment decisions.

Our goal is not to beat the market, but to deliver the rate of return needed for you to achieve your goals; whilst protecting you from tax and inflation and avoiding taking unnecessary risks. Our investment approach is to build a robust and highly diversified multi-asset class portfolio that is designed to suit your needs. We use sound empirical and academic evidence to inform both our approach to generating long-term returns, and the risk management in your portfolio.

Proper management of your wealth is the engine that drives your Financial Plan towards the stated goals and objectives. For this reason, our investment strategy is designed to be simple and effective in both good times and bad.