Our Ethos

When we set up in 2011, we wanted to deliver a service that was different to most financial advice firms. We wanted to help our clients make the right decisions with their money to enable them to live the life they really want.

Clear Vision was set up to make a meaningful difference to the lives of our clients. We wanted to change our client’s lives by removing the worry and uncertainty and replacing it with excitement and confidence about their future.

Financial planning isn’t about pensions, investments or tax planning; these are just tools in delivering the future our clients want. Financial Planning is about inspiring our clients to think about the kind of life they want for themselves and their families; planning how to use the financial resources available to achieve that life; then making it happen.

We offer our clients the freedom to think about what’s possible and how they can make the most of their life, and the lives of their loved ones. We inspire them to take control of their future and not leave their lives to chance; without sacrificing living for today. We help them make the right decisions for themselves and their families.

By working together we design their personal roadmap that moves them from where they are now, to where they want to be. This work requires a close, trusting, year after year partnership to ensure they use their financial resources to translate their hopes and dreams into reality.